Winter Self-Care Rituals/Ideas

Self Care Comfy Vibes

Seasonal depression is real but there are ways to cope. Besides, we all deserve moments of self-care, no matter the season or the reason. Some people love the change in seasons, from the hot summer to the cold winter, while others struggle, physically and mentally. In the cold weather, our bodies tend to naturally tense […]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers

Most BasicHolidayGift Guide (2)

 Are your holiday gifts for others still at the store? This one is for you! Christmas is next week and unlike myself and others, many may have started shopping for gifts early on, especially around the time of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To those who procrastinate and wait until the last minute, I say […]

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Winter/Holiday Bucket List

Tis’ the season filled with holiday cheer! Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas is right around the corner. WHOOP WHOOP! Winter will also be in full effect beginning December 22nd and to be honest…I am not ready for it nor am I really excited about the cold weather that comes with it (I am a summer […]

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9 Affordable Fall/Winter Lip Color Must-Haves

9 Affordable Fall Lip Colors

Fall and Winter season are the best times for showing off your true fashion sense but also your best make-up looks. Smokey eyes, bold red lips, and a highlight speaking to the angels, yass honey! I’m nowhere near a beauty guru nor am I even someone who can flawlessly apply my foundation , but I find myself buying many […]

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