Q&A w/PressedbyTTS

Q&A with Pressed by TTS

What are Basic Sets?

Basic Sets are described as one basic solid color on all nails with no design or accessories. Basic sets will be available for purchase at all times. If you would like a design or accessories added, an extra charge will be applied. Please email photos of design or accessory ideas to pressedbytts@twicethesparkle.com.

What are Monthly Sets?

Monthly Sets consist of 3-5 different sets made available every single month. The sets will only be available for purchase during the month released and one month following.

Can I order a custom set?

Absolutely! Custom set request will be accepted. Please feel free to send ideas and ask about the ability to create and provide, as I am still learning and growing. Therefore some ideas may not be in my skill set just yet and I want to provide the best quality products. Pricing of custom sets will start at a base of $22, but will be discussed. Please send custom request (with reference if possible) to pressedbytts@twicethesparkle.com.

When are sets released?

Every first week of the each month, the new monthly press-on sets will be released. Remember monthly sets are only available during the month it is released and the month following.

What shapes are available?

Short Coffin. Long Coffin. Long Princess. Medium Square.

More Shapes will be coming soon!

How do I find my nail sizes?

Instructions on how measure your nails and find your nail sizes can be found here.

What is included in my press-on nail set purchase?

With your purchase of press-on nails, you will receive:

  1. Nails
  2. Nail Glue/Sticky Tabs
  3. Mini Nail File
  4. Cuticle Pusher
  5. Buffer Brush
  6. Alcohol Wipe
  7. Disposable Mask
  8. Instruction Card
  9. Thank you Card

You can also purchase mini nail supply kits separately as well.

What are my payment options?

All major credit card payments are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, etc.). Google Pay and Apple Pay are accepted. Venmo payments are accepted, as well.

How do I purchase using Venmo?

Select Venmo as payment option.

Send email of order number(#) and details to pressedbytts@twicethesparkle.com.

Details include your name, set name(s), quantity (if more than one of same set) and venmo name. Thank you!

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