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When first going natural, you may be at a lost of what to do and how to properly take care of your hair. You start watching multiple YouTube videos and visiting every natural hair blog you can find. For the most part, that is what I did and it had me thinking I HAD to do so many things to just to get my curls to flourish. In the process, I learned a lot and mostly about my own hair needs. Everyone’s hair is different, different textures, different porosity, and different pattern. Because of that, I broke a lot of the “Natural Hair Rules” that I took note of during my journey and I wanted to share them with you.

  1. Trims Every 4-6 Weeks

“Trimming your hair will help it grow”. No, it’s a scam sis. Trimming your hair will remove split ends and hair damage though. This will make the appearance of hair growth because there is less breakage. Therefore, trim your hair to your own hair needs. I tend to trim my hair here and there but mainly if I am going to straighten it so I will not have frizzy ends. However, I do not upkeep on trims because it is just not a priority for me.

  1. Hot Oil Treatments Bi-Monthly

I never attempted to perform a hot oil treatment in the 3 years I have been natural. So this rule went right out the window for me long time ago. However, the benefits of hot oil treatments include moisture retention, soothing dry scalp, and adding shine of course. It’s just that I can be very lazy when it comes to properly taking care of my hair. Therefore, there are so many steps or “rules” I skip right over. Nevertheless, this is a “rule” I may start falling in line and see what the hype is all about.

  1. Daily Moisturizing

NOBODY HAS TIME FOR THAT! I believe daily moisturizing is based on your hair needs and every one’s hair is different. Moisturizing for me is important but I do not have the time nor energy to moisturize daily. I have thick hair, so on wash/co-wash days I apply a very good amount of product to my hair to keep it moisturized at least until my next co-wash. However, I praise everyone who moisturizes daily. Keep them curls flourishing sis!

  1. Pre-Poo Before Wash Routine

Pre-pooing is basically a deep condition for your hair, with oils and/or conditioners, prior to washing with shampoo. There’s a lot of talk about pre-pooing in the natural hair world. This is one of those rules where, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT applies. I hate wash days already, I will not add more unneeded stress in my life sis. Though, I do deep condition my hair every wash/co-wash day and it is usually the last step in my routine.

  1. Wash Hair Once a Week/Bi-Weekly

Once again, everyone’s hair is different. Some of us need to wash more often than others. If you seem to develop buildup rapidly, then you may need to cleanse with shampoo more often like once a week. Luckily, co-washing is a thing and is a less harsh than shampooing. However, I don’t believe co-washing cleanse as well as a shampoo would. I usually co-wash when my hair starts to feel dry and just gross. But, I cleanse my hair with shampoo once a month.

Your hair is one of a kind just as you are. Therefore, something that works for someone else may not work for you. Of course, try what you learn from others but if it doesn’t work that’s okay. The only rule I recommend following is being consistent with whatever works for you.

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  1. Thanks for this post! It was very informative and your commentary on pre-poo was low key really funny🤣. Looking forward to the next hair post. Your hair is really nice, btw!

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