Must-Reads: Books for 2020

Milk and Honey book w/flowers and coffee

This year I would love to dedicate some time to picking up a book or 4 and do some reading. Reading is a self-care activity; it is positive entertainment. Instead of getting caught in other people’s lives through social media and tv, reading a book gives much needed quiet time to ourselves. One has the opportunity to get lost in a story or experience a deeper emotion within themselves.

I have a goal to read 4 books within the next 6 months. I am really in to self-help books, books that give guidance and/or motivation, as well as books with short-stories. Those are a few topics that catch my when looking for a new book. So if you plan on picking up a few reads this year or would even like to read along, please feel free to splurge on the few titles I mention below.

**Fun Fact: I have read most of the Harry Potter series of books, as well as Gossip Girl (obsessed with the actual show)**

Hope for Love

by Rob Hill Sr.

Rob Hill Sr. is an author and entrepreneur. He has released 4 books prior to this one coming out January 20, 2020. His mission is to help people out of fear and into freedom through his authentic connection, truth, and love.

There is beauty in life and everyone deserves to see that. Hope for Love is a collection of poems just for that. I will be indulging once released, but good news! This book is available for pre order now.

Purchase here!

Heads of the Colored People Book

Heads of the Colored People

by Nafissa Thompson-Spires

Published in 2018, Nafissa created a collection of short stories shining the light on the black middle-class identity. It highlights the different impacts of being black has on the identity, the self, and relationships.

I definitely plan to get my hands on this work of art and supporting a sister in the process!

Purchase here!

Be Unapologetically You Book

Be Unapologetically You

by Adelina Bird

Although publishes almost 4 years ago, I can never turn down a self-love book, especially when it is dedicated for women of color. Self-love is a journey that starts with forgiving and acceptance. In the end, we all deserve to find our crown of self-worth.

I believe this read by Adeline Bird will go deeper and be more meaningful, as it will add to my own self-love journey. I hope to apply lessons learned from this book once finished.

Check it out!

Broke Millennial

by Erin Lowry

I am a broke, and I am also a millennial. With that being said, you could see why this book caught my attention. Thank you so much Erin Lowry. But seriously, financial guidance for getting it together is a big YES for me. If you read my prior post, you’ll understand why I would love to get into this book.

Broke Millennial is said to be like a roadmap to getting your financial life together. I believe this book could be beneficial for anyone who may need help in taking control of their money and to stop scrapping!

Erin Lowry also has a similar book on investing that hit the shelves last year. I would definitely check out both.

Check them out here!

I am very excited to indulge in all of these books, and adding more to the list as the year goes on. I hope you all pick up at least one of the books mentioned above and maybe we could even discuss with each other about them; kind of like a virtual book club, which could be very cool!

Please feel free to leave any book suggestions you enjoy and recommend. It would be more than appreciated. Stay tuned for the next post for more self-care ideas!

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  1. This is great! I’m definitely adding these to my list for the year. I also love Gossip Girl but have not read Harry Potter. I hope you post about the books after you e read them. Would be interested in your review. Keep us posted!

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely plan on giving reviews of these as I finish them. Harry Potter is definitely not for everyone plus the book is very thick, to say the least! lol. I hope you give these books a read too 😊

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