Life Update + Self Care

Self Care

Fall/Winter of 2018, I took on an amount of responsibility I thought I could handle. Come to find out, I could not handle it….go figure lol. Once I explain, everything may come across as nothing for some people but to me, the amount of task I took on caused mental drainage. However, I survived and was taught to recognize how much mentally I am able to handle without becoming burned out. I thought I could handle everything at once but no… mind and body was like no sis! Here is a little update of all I have been juggling and some ways I plan to practice self-care for my mental and all around health.

August 2018, I officially became a college student again. Yay me! I always told myself I would go back to school and here I am back in school. Just for some background info, I did attend Florida A&M University for 2 years and it was an amazing experience! Currently while attending school, I work a full-time job as well. In the beginning, everything was great, even though there were some days I slacked on school-work just because I needed that moment of rest. Towards the end of September, I was offered a part-time position at my old job in which I would work on weekends. How could I say no when its almost holiday time and the extra income sounds very nice! At this point, I am working two jobs, handling school work, and hardly keeping up with my blog 🙁 (**PSA: I also got a puppy which is basically a whole child**)

Long story now becoming short, I found myself not finding time to do anything other than work, school-work, catering to my puppy, and things I forced myself with the little energy I had. I didn’t want to wash my hair, clean my bedroom, cook dinner, or anything. I just wanted to lay down every moment I got and this became a low point for me because I knew I was not being productive at all. I realized I was pushing myself way too hard and needed to let something go. I decided to stop my part-time job and think more about my health than the thought of making extra money to buy things I do not need. LISTEN TO INNER VOICE! It is okay to take a step back because it will not be the end of the world.

The few weeks I had before spring semester started, I continued to work my full-time job of course but I also took some time to for me. I wanted to figure what I needed, what I no longer needed, what can I add to my life that will benefit me and keep me on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Importance of Self-Care

When you become so invested in making things happen for yourself, you forget about you as a person who needs attention as well. Socially, many people speak of self-care and how important it is. I have just recognized how important it is for me in order to maintain a healthy, positive mindset and stay on the productivity route. Do not neglect taking care of you and putting your mental, physical, and emotional state first. I have included little things in my daily routine that I was not doing before such as something as small as eating breakfast every single morning. It does not have to be a major shift or change in your life when practicing self-care. Just make the time to do the things that make you happy, relaxed, and healthy!

Stay tuned for a blog post on ways to practice self-care and what you can do to add a little sparkle into your life! You can also check out my post ‘8 Ways to Deal with Anxiety’ for some tips, even if you don’t have anxiety, that can be beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

Also, leave a comment below on why self-care is important to you.

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  1. This article was so clutch for me! I’m queen of taking on too much stuff. Now with the new year I’m focusing on staying balanced and stress free. I’ll be checking on here on the regular looking for more tips!

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