Journey to Healthy, Long Natural Hair

Natural Curly Hair

The road to become a natural curly-hair queen began 5 years ago and sis has it been a journey. Unfortunately, documenting my journey was not in the works for me being an Architecture major in college when I first decided to stop the creamy crack.  Never did I really take the time to learn, appreciate, and love my curls as much as I could causing a block for my strands to flourish to its fullest potential; however, that does not mean I can’t give them the love and care they need now. One of my 2018 goals is to give my hair the proper care, love, and attention it deserves. Nonetheless, the journey to healthy, long natural hair continues.

During my journey, I want to learn my curly strands and be able to know their needs. There are so many tips and tricks out there for natural hair, the options are limitless and there is at least one that will work just for you and me. Jumping back into my journey, I did much research and noted some tips and tricks that I would like to try in order to get the healthy, long natural hair I yearn for and of course, I am going to share everything with you. We can learn and yearn together!

Natural Curly Hair

Recent photos of my natural curly hair (Summer ’17 – Present)

Keep deep conditioning regular. Keeping deep conditioning regular can create manageable and softer hair that will be less prone to breakage, which helps retain length. Luckily for me, deep conditioning is one of my favorite things to do for my hair. Usually, I deep condition on wash days where I am going to use a clarifying/cleansing shampoo; but continuing, I would like to increase the amount of times I deep condition to every wash and co-wash as well. Co-washing for me takes place at least once a week meaning I will most likely begin to deep condition at least once a week. Depending on your hair, regular for you and regular for me can be much different.

Add heat. What a contradiction right. Yes, I know the consequences of heat on the hair. But, I have come across ways heat can be beneficial, such as heating up your deep conditioner before applying. Another way is the use of a steamer or steam cap, which I have seen lots of talk about. Using a steamer can boost moisture, keeping the hair hydrated, as well as improve elasticity. The moist heat lifts the hair cuticle allowing better penetration of treatments. The steam will also open the pores and encourage circulation of blood flow promoting hair growth. So with that being said bring on the heat!

Seal the deal. I would like to believe I make sure to seal moisture in my hair. However, my hair tends to show differently. Sealants locks in moisture preventing breakage and decreasing frizz. This information right here made it known that I clearly wasn’t on board with proper sealing of my hair whether its the product, the amount of product, etc. I like a bit of frizz with certain styles, but I was not trying to become best friends with the frizz. Sealing also helps  keep them ends smooth and moist solving tangle issues. Less tangles and less breakage means growth is bound to happen!

Hair Regimen. Uh what is this hair regimen you speak of? Something I need to work on getting together. As far as cleansing my hair, I have a routine that is usually goes: clarify (shampoo or co-wash), condition, and deep condition. A very simple routine that is actually a bit time consuming but I do have the root of my regimen completed I guess. However, after the basics, there’s usually no direction in mind on what to do next. Should I use a leave-in? Maybe just apply my styler and forget leave-in? When do I apply the oil? Everything will be trial and error for now as I continue to learn my hair and its likes and dislikes. As for now, I will stick to my basics and follow with the famous LOC method (Liquid [leave-in conditioner, Oil [seal that moisture sis], Crème [styling crème]) and end with a styling gel because I can’t live without my styling gel. I would like to end up with some type of daily, weekly, and monthly type regimens throughout this journey.

Protective Styles. One of my goals for 2018 was to maintain protective styles for 6 months. Well I easily start to miss my natural hair within a week of having my hair in protective styles such as braids or my personal favorites, marley twist and buns. However, I do see a nice amount of growth when my hair are in these styles for 2+ weeks. I would love to continue to do protective styles but more often than before, as well as adding more styles. I have dipped my finger in the wig pond and surprising fell in love. So more wigs are to come!

Protective Styles

A few of my protective styles

Healthy Diet/Work Out. Eating nutrient-rich foods is great all around for the hair, body, mind, etc. As far as hair, consuming these nutrient packed foods can influence hair thickness, shine, growth, etc. Personally, I do not eat in the healthiest ways but I am not a bad food junkie either. Including foods in my diet with great amounts of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins such as biotin is something I want to change with my diet and replace some foods with healthier options. Going hand in hand, working out will also be a task of mine for both my actual health and hair health. If you didn’t know, working out can help hair growth due to the opening of clogged  pores and increase of blood flow in the scalp. Plus not exercising while eating healthy is like applying oil to the scalp and not massaging it in. This duo will have your everything glowing sis and I am here for it!

☼    ☼    ☼    ☼    ☼    ☼    ☼

Excited and impatient are two words I can use to explain my honest feelings. I mean who doesn’t wish things can just happen over night. But truly, I am very excited to see what growth and state of health my natural hair is capable of producing. Just like any journey, there may be those moments of doubt or wanting to take the easier route or just facing obstacles period (like forcing myself to workout for example). Nonetheless, I am more than ready to continue my natural hair journey and very determined to stay consistent with nurturing and loving my hair as it deserves. Stay tuned for future update posts of my journey and see if these tips and tricks helped or not. Ciaooo!


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  1. I loved reading about your natural hair journey. You gave great tips! I’m impatient, so I have a long road ahead of me. It’s a struggle not to yield to unhealthy things that are quick and easy. But I’m gonna mix things up and implement the things you listed. Looking forward to updates on your progress!

    1. I am happy you liked the post. I am also impatient lol. I think that is why I am becoming obsessed with wigs because I can have whatever hairstyle at any moment all while protecting my hair and not missing it. I can go get a curly wig if I feel like I want that style instead of trying to deal with my own natural hair. I suggest experimenting honestly.

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