Introduction to Pressed by TTS + Sneak Peek of January Release πŸ’…πŸΎ

Nail Polish Bottles

Hello hello hello! Twice the Sparkle is back in action and this time with a surprise.

First, I want to say Happy Early New Year 🌻! For many of us, the past year has been a long, trying year. But also for many of us, we have a lot to be grateful for this last month of 2020. Please continue to be kind, be blessed, and be safe!

Secondly, the surprise! As you may, or may not have noticed, the nail business/nail game has been booming this year. I am one of those girls who likes to have their nails done. (Though most of the time, life blocks me from having the claws I really want.) But anyways, I have not been to a nail salon in over a year and really have no plans of returning at this point. For the longest time, I have been designing my own press-on nails without even realizing it is a popular hobby and a flourishing business opportunity. So why not do something I already like and offer you all my pieces of art. Yes, I am late to the game but that’s okay because we are here! I am expanding my creative spark and will be designing, creating, and offering press-on nails. Yes, Twice the Sparkle Press-Ons πŸ’…πŸΎ #pressedbytts

Over the last month, I have been become more invested in creating press-on nails. Family and friends have even begin to request their own sets. Now, I am more than excited to bring this hobby of mine over to the blog. Beginning next month, I will be releasing 3-5 sets of press-on nails that will be available to purchase and represent Twice the Sparkle’s press-ons of the month. New sets will be released monthly and will only be available that month (others that will be offered) and flash your claws as you please!

Stay tuned for January 2021. Sign up for early access to monthly releases and pre-order dates, as well as updates and notifications of new weekly blog post!

Here’s a very faint sneak peak of January’s Press-ons of the Month:

Stay tuned...Press-on nails

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  1. Yes, this has been a long year! So glad you’re back!! I hope you’ve been well. I haven’t even read the article, I just wanted to comment really quick. Happy early new year!

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