Winter/Holiday Bucket List

Tis’ the season filled with holiday cheer! Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas is right around the corner. WHOOP WHOOP! Winter will also be in full effect beginning December 22nd and to be honest…I am not ready for it nor am I really excited about the cold weather that comes with it (I am a summer […]

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Ideas for a Perfect Morning Routine

Morning Coffee

A morning routine is very beneficial to one’s daily life. It can be the deal-breaker for some of us of having a great, productive day. A morning routine can set the tone for the day. Time may not allow us to add many “extra” things to our morning routines, but adding one can give you […]

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Life Update + Self Care

Self Care

Fall/Winter of 2018, I took on an amount of responsibility I thought I could handle. Come to find out, I could not handle it….go figure lol. Once I explain, everything may come across as nothing for some people but to me, the amount of task I took on caused mental drainage. However, I survived and […]

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#ThrowbackThursday: BrunchCon 2018

Hello lovelies <3 I hope everyone is great and enjoying the warm spring weather that has finally arrived! This time of year is definitely my favorite time of year. Good weather, cookouts, day parties, water parks, festivals, beaches. So many places to go and so many things to do. More sun is in the forecast, meaning baby girl(me) is […]

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