Current Skincare Routine + Products

Face Products

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing is very important, as skin is an essential organ of the body. Your skin protects you in more ways than you probably know; it’s your natural barrier. With that being said, taking care of your skin and creating a skincare routine is a must! A routine will help your […]

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Current Beauty/Make-up Essentials

current beauty_make-up essentials

Do you have that go-to drawer or compartment where all your most used beauty products are stored? I think a lot of us are probably saying yes.  I myself have one of these wonderful places where all my current beauty essentials are. Inside I keep my most treasured beauty items that I probably spent a […]

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Journey to Healthy, Long Natural Hair

Natural Curly Hair

The road to become a natural curly-hair queen began 5 years ago and sis has it been a journey. Unfortunately, documenting my journey was not in the works for me being an Architecture major in college when I first decided to stop the creamy crack.  Never did I really take the time to learn, appreciate, and love my curls as much as I could causing a […]

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Natural Hair Rules I Broke

Hair Tools

When first going natural, you may be at a lost of what to do and how to properly take care of your hair. You start watching multiple YouTube videos and visiting every natural hair blog you can find. For the most part, that is what I did and it had me thinking I HAD to […]

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