#ThrowbackThursday: BrunchCon 2018

Hello lovelies <3 I hope everyone is great and enjoying the warm spring weather that has finally arrived! This time of year is definitely my favorite time of year. Good weather, cookouts, day parties, water parks, festivals, beaches. So many places to go and so many things to do. More sun is in the forecast, meaning baby girl(me) is trying to be out every weekend taking it all in. The plan is to wear less and go out more and of course I want to share those times with you guys. I love to look back on experiences and fun times I encounter during this warm season. This sparked the idea of doing a throwback Thursday post every month spring/summer season, in which I will share a previous event I have attended. Kind of like a #TBT picture you put on your Instagram but blogger style! With that being said, let’s throw it on back on this beautiful Thursday.

#TBT: April 22, 2018


Friends at BrunchCon

About two weeks ago, I attended an event called BrunchCon. Unlimited mimosas? uh yes please!! BrunchCon is described as the world’s biggest food and drink festival all about brunch. Attendees can expect bottomless mimosas and an open Bloody Mary bar, brunch samplers from many local restaurants and vendors, games, music, and so much more. It was the first time for the event to be hosted in Washington, D.C. and it was a pretty cool and fun.

My favorite part would have to be the unlimited mimosas (of course, lol), but also the variety of vendors and restaurants. There was a good selection of healthy but super tasty foods and I loved it. Oddly enough, I fell in love with a sample of BBQ tofu out of all the brunch bites I tasted. It was finger lickin’ good! I also encountered some Buffalo Chicken Tots and y’all….let’s just give a moment of silence real quick. These tater tots were soooo amazing. Luckily, I remember the name of the place who sells these and they are called ‘Two Smooth Dudes’. I definitely recommend giving these tots a taste.


For my BrunchCon outfit, I knew I want to be cute, comfy, and casual. I knew beforehand the event would be outside and it was going to be slightly warm but cool (awful description haha). So I decided that I rather show some leg then have my arms out if there was a chance of a cold breeze. I threw one a faux leather skirt that I picked up on sale at forever 21 a few months ago. My skirt added some edge to the slightly dressy shirt I chose to wear. The shirt was a striped, off the shoulder button-down I found at Nordstrom on sale as well. I loved the bell sleeves of this shirt and that is what really sealed my decision to buy. To finish the outfit, I slid on vans for comfort and additionally it created a more casual feel.

Brunch Outfit

Would I attend this event again? Mmmm honestly, I am not too sure. It was fun and I don’t necessarily have anything negative at all to say. No room for negative energy, you hear me! But there were some things I would have like to seen done or just done differently. More vendors would have been nice to see as well as a more organized and functional way to get your unlimited drinks. The music choices were great, the vendors that were present were amazing, and the vibe was just enjoyable. I can now joint this down on my list of 2018 spring/summer activities and look back on it at summers end.

Unfortunately, I do not have too many pictures of the tents, tables, and other shenanigans (I blame the unlimited mimosas); but I do have pics……of me and the girls 🙂 lol. I always always ALWAYS have fun, unforgettable times with these peeps. I love you guys so much I’m crying right now!

BrunchCon 2018

(First Picture to the left -[from right to left]- Jalen (BFF), Jewelyn, My momma bear Australia (yes her real name is Australia lol), Me, and Jess)

Ohhh! I almost forgot to tell you guys about the one thing you must do this spring/summer season; and that is don’t forget to…….BRUNCH SO HARD!


Until next month, adios amigos 🙂

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    1. Thank you for giving my post a read 🙂 Hopefully next year it is even more epic and you can attend! Maybe they’ll even add more cities or that could just be a wish of mine. But I def. see much expansion for this event. I was thinking of going to another city next year to see if I have a different experience!

  1. This sounds like a fun event! Normally with events like these they get better and better as people provide feedback. Maybe next year will have more vendors!

    1. It was a fun event and I’m so happy I did get a chance to attend. I was thinking maybe next year would be even more fun because they have an idea of what could be changed and/or added. I would definitely recommend if its coming to a city near you! Especially if you like free food and mimosas lol 🙂

  2. Yaaas brunch! It’s one of the best things about DC and you did it justice. I love your look, ushering in our much deserved summer. Your write up was great. I’d never heard of Brunchcon and brunch is my thing. Thanks for serving us tea from the inside. I’ll try it out to see if it gets better. Looking forward to your next post!

    1. I never heard of it either which is why it was a must to attend when somebody told me about it. Of course the first thing that caught my attention was unlimited mimosas lol. I would definitely recommend attending next time around or if it is coming to a city near you soon. Great time, great people, lots of fun.

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