About Pressed by TTS + How to Purchase

About Pressed by TTS

Hello all and all say hello to Twice the Sparkle Press-On Nails, that will be formally named Pressed by TTS! Yes, we have arrived to the blog. I hope you all are just excited as I am. I am so happy to share creations I enjoy and love making. It’s an expression of my creativity that I am able to share with you all. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

To start this journey, I will be offering basic sets of press-ons, monthly edition sets of press-on nails, and customized press-on sets.

Basic sets of press-on nail sets will be available at any time of purchase (24/7), unless taken down for other reasons. Basic sets are described as one solid color on all nails with no design. Designs and/or gems on basic sets can be requested and should be ordered as a custom set. Please state design and/or gem placements in email.

Monthly edition sets of press-on nail sets will be made available on a monthly basis. This will consist of 3-5 different sets made available every single month, but they will only be available during the month released.

Custom press-on nail sets will be discussed below.

Custom Request:

Custom request for press-ons will be accepted. You may send ideas and ask about ability to create and provide, as I am still learning and growing. Therefore some ideas may not be in my skill set just yet and I want to provide the best quality products. Pricing of custom sets will start at a base of $22, but will be discussed. Please send custom request (with reference if possible) to pressedbytts@twicethesparkle.com.

How to Purchase/Order Press-On Nails:

In order to purchase press-on nail set, please send an email to pressedbytts@twicethesparkle.com. In the email, include the following:

  1. Name (first and last)
  2. Name of Press-on set(s) – put CUSTOM if ordering a custom set
  3. Nail Shape
  4. Nail Sizes for left/right hand (check size chart for assistance) (begin with thumb first)
  5. Address for shipping purposes only
  6. Payment/Payment Option
  7. [optional] Your IG username and/or phone number for other ways of contact.
  8. If requesting custom set, please include reference if possible. Pricing will be discussed. Also, please include the word CUSTOM in subject line, along with name.

In the subject line, please put your first and last name.

**Drop-offs will be available depending on location. Only 15 miles or less will be able to request drop-off option.**

Payment Options/Shipping:

You will be able to purchase press-on nails with payment via Cashapp or Zelle. Include name and set purchased.

Cashapp: $issajewel (Diamond Garnett)

Zelle: search “pressedbytts@twicethesparkle.com”

Venmo: diamondgarnett

I will notify you via email or text when your order and payment has been received.

Shipping cost will be handled by me until further notice; therefore shipping is free and not included in price of press-on nail set. However, please note that payment options and services will be updated soon. Tracking numbers will be sent to provided email immediately once provided.


**all sizes = all 10 nail sizes for each hand**

Basic Sets (custom sizes) – $12.00 / (all sizes) – $15.00

Monthly Sets (custom sizes only) – $18.00 to $22.00

Custom Sets (custom sizes only) – $22.00 and up

Sizing Kit – $5

+ add-on sizing kit w/purchase – $3

+ if you purchase a sizing kit separately, you will get $5 off your next purchase

Shapes Available:

Short Coffin – Long Coffin – Long Princess – Square

shapes available for press on sets

…more shapes coming soon

SIZING: In order to find out your custom nail sizes, please check with the nail sizing page for assistance. Click the link below for the nail sizing I have provided.

Press-On Nail Sizing

You can also click on the drop down arrow on the Pressed by TTS tab in the top menu to access the sizing page.

All designs released will be available in every shape.


Every first week of the each month, the new monthly press-on sets will be released. Remember monthly sets are only available during the month it is released.

New basic press-on sets will be released randomly over time and are available 24/7. If you are signed up for emails, you will be the first to know of these releases, along with early notices of and access to monthly press-on sets.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything ๐Ÿ™‚

**This post will be constantly updated as Pressed by TTS continues its journey**

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