9 Affordable Fall/Winter Lip Color Must-Haves

9 Affordable Fall Lip Colors

Fall and Winter season are the best times for showing off your true fashion sense but also your best make-up looks. Smokey eyes, bold red lips, and a highlight speaking to the angels, yass honey! I’m nowhere near a beauty guru nor am I even someone who can flawlessly apply my foundation , but I find myself buying many more beauty products during these seasons. Some liquid eyeliner and a nice lip and I’m good. I am a big lip color lover, especially during this time of year because deeper and darker lip colors are back in! Nudes, reds, purples, I need them all really but not really.

9 Affordable Fall Winter Lip Colors from Colourpop Cosmetics

If you don’t know already, make-up can be quite pricey, mainly if you prefer the best of the best quality. And yes, even those little tubes of lipsticks can be $25+. I’m sure we all can agree there’s nothing like finding good quality with a bomb price tag and in this post I’m going to give that to you. I’m sharing 9 affordable fall/winter lip color must haves all from Colourpop cosmetics, who have a variety of shades, great quality, and a bomb price tag. There are a mix of mattes, glossy, and satin textures. If you’re a lip lover like me I encourage you to check these shades out for the season.


Snowfleek: A rusty red shade with warm undertones. Great everyday red color for the season that’s not completely out there but still bold enough to make a statement. Definitely a must have.

Snowfleek by Colourpop

Fragile Things: A dusty plum brown color. Great choice of a nude and every day wear for darker skin tones.

Fragile Things by Colourpop

Cloudscape: A true chocolate brown color. So so pigmented and rich.

Cloudscape by Colourpop

Saigon: Bright true red shade that’s perfect for the holidays! Definitely will provide a bold and vibrant look even with a smokey eye.

Saigon by Colourpop

Kae: A nutmeg, brown shade. Gives a 90’s vibe to make-up look for sure.


Believe Me: For my glossy lovers, a gorgeous Sangria shade with purple glitters. Another lip color perfect for the holidays if you want to shine look gold sparkle like glitter.

Believe Me by Colourpop


Hutch: Dark plum purple shade. Favorite purple shade I own. This swatch doesn’t do justice.

Hutch by Colourpop

First of All: This isn’t your average color for the season but it’s a perfect raspberry shade that still gives fall/winter vibes if you aren’t to into the darker and deeper lip colors.

First of All by Colourpop

Mess Around: In advance sorry not sorry for the packaging, I have already worn this color about 20 times because I love it so much.  I would consider this a nude on my lips for my skin tone. It’s a very soft brown with grey and beige undertones (much better looking in person). Just know it’s great! lol I promise.

Mess Around by Colourpop

All these lip colors are amazing. They are very pigmented, barely, if at all transfers, and stays on all day.  I definitely suggest checking out Colourpop cosmetics for these shades and the many more they have to offer. I also recently bought a highlighter from Colourpop as well and omg, it is so puuurrrtttyyy! Stay tuned to see it, along with one of these must have lippies,  in my next beauty post coming very soon. I hope you enjoyed the read and leave a comment below if you’re thinking of or will purchase one of these lippies and which one! Also leave a comment of any other lippies that are a must have this fall/winter season. Toodles 🙂



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  1. I think First of All is my color! Your shade description and displays are great! Especially by showing it against your skin so we can get a good idea of what it would look like against warmer skin tones. How much do the glosses range in price?

  2. Ooops, my bad! When I clicked on the shade, I saw you linked it to the site. Good looking out!

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