8 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

8 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Let’s get straight to the point. My name is Diamond Garnett. I am 23 years of age and have an Anxiety disorder. Numerous people, specifically around my age, are now dealing with some type of mental illness, commonly anxiety and depression, stemming from stress and countless other reasons. Sadly, many people feel as though they are unable to communicate their issues with anyone, even family. Just know you are not alone. Mental Illness deserves just as much attention as physical illness because it interferes with one’s life to many extremes including creation of physical illnesses itself. In this post, I want to offer a few suggestions to help keep down the stress levels to calm and prevent anxiety that I use to help myself. I wanted to give my readers that can relate a sense of comfortability when reading this, and to reassure that you can always make light of a dark situation. Here are 8 ways to deal with anxiety.

  1. Warm Hot Shower/Bath

A nice, hot shower or bath always works wonders. Trust me! It aids your body, muscles, and overall mood. The warmth stimulates circulation and blood flow while loosening muscles, which can help with tension when stressed. It may not fully cure the pain but can help ease the pain. Hot showers are a natural sedative. It calms your body, mind, and nerves. I probably take more than enough showers because when I am stressed or feeling very uneasy, I know a warm shower will be quickly effective for a period of time. If you are a bath person, adding oils such as Lavender, helps because it is a natural relaxation herb. If you are not a bath person, there are lavender-infused body wash and soaps as well. So go ahead and get them Lavender oil baths baby girl.

  1. Take a Walk

Walking boost endorphins which can reduce stress hormones and ease mild depression. Your mood and self-esteem can be improved by these “feel-good” endorphins also. Of course, exercising regularly is always pushed to be routine because of the physical benefits. However, it provides mental benefits as well. Walking can reduce fatigue that you may feel after anxiety sucks every little bit of energy out of you; it can improve concentration as well. If you are a lazy person, do not feel bad because I am a lazy person too. But believe me, walking out on a sunny day and just taking a breath of fresh air heightens the positive vibes and creates a feeling of having a fresh start.

  1. Write

Write, write, write, likes there is no tomorrow. Just like your mind, there’s a limitless capacity of what you can write. Express your thoughts with a pen and paper. Writing is kind of like having a conversation with you inner self and sometimes that is needed. So feel no shame. It is just you and you. Nobody else. This gives a way of having the option to re-evaluate situations, ideas, and just anything if needed. Personally, writing makes me re-evaluate and make room for some self-improvement. I tend to think what needs work in order to make me a better me. It also gives your mind some space and clarity and who doesn’t want that.

  1. Cry

Yes, I am definitely a crier. No shame. Crying helps me; so why be ashamed. Sometimes I feel rejuvenated after crying because it is like I released built up emotion and negative energy more than anything. Emotional tears contain stress-related hormones which are released from the body when crying. Holding back emotions takes energy because you are focusing on not crying forcing you to dwell longer, which only increases stress and anxiety. That’s definitely #teamtoomuch and ain’t nobody got time for that. All in all, if you need to cry baby girl, you should cry!

  1. Cleaning Party

Cleaning parties are always fun…well to me haha. Clutter can create stress and it definitely gives me a great deal of stress. It could be the tad bit of OCD I have which is ya know STRESSFUL. When things are all over the place, disorganized, and just grimy I get very anxious and my whole life starts to feel like it is in complete shambles. Being attentive when cleaning can make the act more like a way of meditating than just cleaning. Cleaning can be calming for some, like it is for me. Decluttering my living space helps me declutter my thinking space. My mind can slow down and grab hold of all my thoughts and just tidy up and give me some sanity. A clutter-free space equals a clutter-free mind, which keeps the stress and anxiety to a minimum.

  1. Netflix/Youtube Binge

Binge watch! Now I don’t know if I’m suggesting this as a meaningful tip or just because binge watching is just awesome sometimes. Just kidding but so not kidding. Personally, binge watching calms my anxiety more than helping me cope with stress. I get into a zone where I just do not think of really anything and I focus on whatever I am watching for an unhealthy amount of hours. In the back of my mind, the list of stupid things causing me to stress is still there; however, 90% of my concentration House Hunters or YouTube videos about organization making the anxiety my stress could cause to stay far far away. Mood: Unbothered. I don’t know exactly if that make sense but binge watching helps me so I wanted to share the idea with you.

  1. Listen to Music

I believe listening to music is a given for both handling stress and anxiety. Music is always the cure. Maybe not fully but it works. Music plus a hot bath with Lavender oil. GIRRRRRLLLLLLL! Different types of music have different types of effects on the body, of course. Fast, upbeat music can make you feel uplifted, giving you a boost of energy and excitement. Slow, quiet type music can slow your pulse and decrease the stress hormone levels. It all depends on your liking of music and what is best suitable for each of your moods. Personally, I listen to music that increases my productivity level which helps reduce stress; I also listen to music that calms me and benefits my sleep at night. Also, who doesn’t have concerts featuring themselves in the mirror with no one watching? I surely do!

  1. Coloring Books

Coloring books for adults are a thing now and it is the most amazing thing to ever become. Who doesn’t love coloring? If you said I don’t, just exit to the right now please. No just kidding, please stay because you need to try this. I promise you, it is truly very stress-relieving and has the positive potential of reducing anxiety. Your concentration levels soar up causing you to focus more and bring mindfulness. When you have a busy mind, not thinking is greatly welcomed, sometimes. There are so many types of coloring books for adults being offered now. It’s pretty incredible. I first got my coloring book from Amazon before the hype and little did I know Adult coloring books would blow up and become the new rage.

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  1. Exactly Maria! Too many people are so busy posting and filtering pics of themselves that they don’t know what reality is themselves. Snaps for your honesty Diamond!

  2. Thank you for your bravery in speaking out about this. In our social media image obsessed world, people are too proud to admit everything in their lives isn’t picture perfect. I have a lot of friends and family that struggle with anxiety but very few people know this about them.
    If more people were real and admitted they weren’t perfect and that’s normal, we’d all be better off! I’m definitely going to add a few of your tips into my regimen.

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