2020 New Year Goals

2020 Goals

And just like that, another year has passed by and another one comes around. Happy New Year and Happy 2020 everyone! Just like any other year on this crazy world, I am very grateful for all the good times and the bad times that comes along with it. Life in 2019 has taught me a lot about myself and hinted changes I should make going into the new year. All in all, I appreciate it all, the tears, the laughter, the love, the hate, EVERYTHING! I am leaving 2019 as good person that is going to become greater person in the New Year and I cannot wait ✨

What to Expect this Year (Personal Goals/Blog Goals)

For my personal life, as well as for my blog, I want to give it my all. These are a few of my personal goals and my blog goals for this upcoming year.

Personal Goals:
  1. Money Management – This year I am really going to crack down on my spending habits. I will admit that I am addicted to Amazon (Prime is the devil lol) and always needing…or wanting..new clothes. However, it will much more satisfying paying off some debt than receiving those new pair of shoes 🙃
  2. Prioritize Myself – I will put ME first this year and no, that is not selfish. My well-being is more important than anything and anyone because I am the one that have to live in MY body and the one that have to live MY life.
  3. Healthier Living – Healthier living includes a change in eating habits and incorporating fitness. I do not want to work out or eat better just to “look better” but to FEEL better inside and out.
  4. Mental Health Improvement – Focusing on my mental health is very important. This goes right along with prioritizing myself and healthier living. Keeping a healthy, positive mindset, taking control of my own thoughts and feelings, and blocking toxicity and negativity are only the beginning steps of improving my mental health. This year I promise myself to come to a sense of peace and happiness within.
  5. Travel More – Travelling abroad is one of the ultimate goals for me this year, whether its one place out the country or multiple. Going to an island is definitely my #1 preference!
Blog Goals
  1. Consistency – It has been another year, where staying consistent was a struggle for me. However, this is my year and I will be very successful at being more consistent. This year you can expect 4-5 blog post a month, every Wednesday, and sometimes a bonus on Sunday! **Wednesday = New Blog Post**
  2. Blog/Content Calendar – Planning, organizing, and scheduling content are three to-do’s I will make time for and put forward much of my effort. Reminder: “Don’t be busy, be productive”! Sharing relatable, inspiring, good quality content is what I want to do and will do. Maintaining a blog/content calendar will also help with setting goals, stay organized, and prioritizing task, which I hope to gain much blog success from.
  3. Marketing – In 2020, Twice the Sparkle deserves more promotion and better promotion and will receive just that. I would love to grow my email list and my social following. Sharing and connecting with as many people as I can is the reason why I blog.

What to expect this Month on the Blog

There are many more goals I wish to reach and fulfill this New Year other than what I have mentioned above. I hope the ones I shared have gave you an idea of some goals you would like to set for 2020. Health is wealth and becoming a healthier, happier, purposeful me is the main goal I am working towards this year!

Also, I think I would like to keep a content calendar (something like the one above) on the main page or side bar. Let me know if that would be something you like.

Please check out #MotivationMonday post every other Monday. I promise you will not regret it 😊 You can sign up to receive emails that will notify you of all new post!

Have a happy, healthy, and blessed 2020 ❤

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  1. I need to prioritize myself and reign in my spending as well! And yes, Amazon is going to rule us all unfortunately. My goal for this year is a more joyful, healthier me and staying focused on achieving my professional goals as well. Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

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